Wow - what can we say other than THANK YOU to everyone who attended our #LxLSpringLunch this past Saturday. We had estimated 20-25 people to show up, invited a few more thinking we get no-show's but damn! We were so surprised as people came through the doors throughout the entire event. Linh and I are absolutely overwhelmed by the love we received and were asked several times whether we would throw another one due to the success of this. The answer to that is yes, but we are still planning and we hope that the turnout will be just as great. 

There are many reasons why Linh and I decided to throw this event: 

  • We wanted to host an event that allowed us to invite all our favorite bloggers from LA and OC in a more casual setting where people will mix and mingle, not just eat and leave
  • We wanted to promote Hoy's Wok, which is LInh's boyfriend's family restaurant, in which Linh is now managing and I am now assisting in marketing them. We have a lot coming up for Hoy's Wok so please make sure to LIKE our Facebook page!
  • We wanted to further provide exposure to brands we already work with and create partnerships with new brands. By gifting 25+ bloggers that attended, we allowed them to further reach into the industry and hopefully gain new followers
  • We wanted to see all our friends at once and what better way than to throw an event!

We had so many heartfelt and wonderful comments in return and we cannot thank everyone enough. Make sure to check out the hashtag #LxLSpringLunch to see all the great photos from the event on Instagram! Also be sure to follow Linh and I to stay updated with our upcoming adventures!

To all attendees, we hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food from Hoy's Wok. We are so grateful we were able to work with so many sponsors for this event and we like to thank everyone for their support! 

All photos were taken by Ken Soleta (@KSOLE_). If reposting, please properly credit him, thank you! 

For those who used the photo booth provided by Big Foot, click here to get digital copies of them!

Also BIG THANKS to Studio Mucci for the beautiful decor! Def hit them up for your event decor needs!