Spillin' Beauty Secrets with Veet

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Veet, however all opinions and written words/photography are By Lisa Linh.

As a style blogger, my outfits vary from day to day but you can always guarantee that I’ll be in a pair of shorts or in a dress about 75% of the time. With meetings, showroom appointments, and shooting looks for the blog, the last thing I want to worry about is if I remembered to shave. Thankfully, Veet keeps my legs smooth at all times while saving me time during my morning routines.

I often wake up early every day to allow myself time to answer emails, check and update my social media accounts, do errands, and so on. I only give myself about 30 minutes to get ready – shower, make-up, and getting dressed. So how do I get all these things done while making sure my legs stay soft and smooth? With Veet’s fast acting gel cream, I’m able to multitask while still getting the results I need. I glide on the cream and allow it to do its thing. I then brush my teeth and select my outfit for the day. After 5-10 minutes, I hop into the shower and finish getting ready. The best thing about Veet is that your legs feel hydrated after use, not dry! This is a huge plus, especially if I forget to put on lotion, which I occasionally do when I’m running late.

Multitasking to save time is an efficient way to get things done. I’m so glad to have Veet as a part of my morning routine and even more excited to have shared my secret to maintaining a schedule while still having smooth, sexy, and photo-ready legs!

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