Art + Fashion

The mix of art and fashion isn't a foreign combination, as both categories are outlets used to express oneself and your own ideas/perspectives. During my weekend getaway to Palm Springs, I stumbled upon Elena Bulatova's gorgeous art gallery. I was initially drawn in by the mini transformers she had displayed in the front of her doorways. Upon entrance, I found a gallery filled with gorgeous paintings, unique wall art, and structures. I spent quite a while browsing, admiring the pieces, and had a chance to speak to Elena herself. Her and her husband showcase and sell their art in Palm Springs, as well as online. They are a sweet couple, informing me of the history of themselves and their art. By the end of the conversation, we had agreed upon doing a collaboration and it couldn't have turned out any better.

I had packed along my gorgeous Lulu*s dress and was scouting for locations to shoot it, until I stumbled upon Elena's gallery. Perfect setting for a fancy dress right? I had so much fun combining fashion and art, especially with the sculptures. Thank you so much Elena for allowing me to use your gallery!

Note: These photos don't do the artwork justice by the way! If you're ever in Palm Springs, make sure to check them out