Dream House

The excitement of house hunting has always been a feeling I've personally enjoyed. I've moved about 4 to 5 times in the last decade and while the packing/moving itself was a pain, the viewings and exploring was always fun. 

Unfortunately, I'm not moving anytime soon but it doesn't stop me from occasionally popping by an open house or checking out a new space. KSOLE and I were driving through the beautiful neighborhood of San Mariano, scouting locations to shoot and stumbled upon thing gorgeous house for sale. Couldn't help but stop to look at it and fell in love with the place. It's def out of our league (price wise) with a pool house, huge pool, backyard patio, two garages, modernized interior, and basketball court. As gorgeous as it did look, I personally don't need that much space. I want a two-story condo with an open layout for the kitchen, marble tabletops, dark stained wood cabinets with a clean tile backsplash. I want 3 bedrooms - a master with a ceiling window and two large windows for natural light. An office/walk-in closet for the other room and a guest bedroom that can be later converted into a kids room (or it can be KSOLE's man cave for his DJing equipment and photography gear). I def need an in-house laundry room, two car garage, and decent size backyard for a dog or two. That's not asking for too much is it?

Regardless, it'll be a few years before we settle down and get our first house. In the meantime, we seized the opportunity to snap some shots of my look in the front (despite security cameras). With summer coming, I'm changing up the closet and adding in a lot more neutrals, colors, and whites. These high rise shorts are from Hollister and I paired it up with this sleeveless tunic by TrixxiGirl, which can be bought at Kohls

Someday, we'll be able to afford our dream home but for now, we'll just take some outfit photos outside of ones we view and pretend it's ours, lol.