Tag, You're It!

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was run outside, play with our friends, and were actually excited to go to class? Recess was the best part of the day back in elementary, but I hated playing competitive games such as tag. I was always paranoid of tripping and falling or getting pushed. 

Thankfully, Articles of Society has given tag a new definition. AOS asked me to tag a friend to receive a pair of denim and guess who I chose? Linh Winn of course and I'm so happy to be sharing a pair of my favorite jeans. AOS has the best fit and I'm in love with this particular style. The super soft denim and the rips fall in just the right places. 

I paired the bottoms with nude heels, my Dynamic Asia fedora, and Billabong crop top. It's an easy look that's perfect for a girls day out, which is what Linh and I totally had with mani/pedi's to match. Can't wait to see Linh's look so make sure to check out her post soon!

[Details] Articles of Society denim, Cici Hot heels, Billabong shirt, Dynamic Asia hat, and Rayban glasses.

Photos by Linh Winn