OOTD: Island Blues

To be completely disconnected from the world and really enjoy your surroundings is extremely hard to do in today's world. With iPhones, iPads, and other technological devices that keep us connected, it is hard to willingly give up and put away your phone when you're on vacation. As sad as it sounds, I was really surprised to find that I had absolutely no signal or service available when we landed on Santa Cruz Island. However, it ended up being a huge blessing because I would've just worked my way through the hikes and not have enjoyed the beach as much. For KSOLE, it meant having his girlfriend's undivided attention (which is rare lol). Sorry, I'm a workaholic :( 

The trip itself was a much needed getaway from reality, in which I'll dive into details on tomorrow's post. For now, here's a few preview shots of what we saw and what I wore.

This Lulu*s dress is a total summer dress, paired perfectly with my PacSun hat and Koolaburra sandals. I love the pleated skirt bottom and the strap detailing on the back. The flow of the dress was gorgeous and we tried our best to capture it in the wind on camera.

I did start off the day wearing my Members Only leather jacket over it, since we left at 6AM to drive to Ventura. By afternoon, the jacket was tucked away and I got to show off my Be Mint Boutique lotus necklace and My Jewelry Bar hand bracelet. Love dainty pieces like these and the lotus necklace matches my tattoo, which is a loving memory of my grandfather<3

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post and gorgeous island shots that we captured! 

[Details] Lulu*s dress, Members Only jacket, PacSun hat, ZeroUV sunglasses, Koolaburra sandals, My Jewelry Bar hand bracelet, Be Mint Boutique lotus necklace, and Culture Riot backpack.