Stay High All The Time

Don't get it twisted, I didn't mean high as in smoking but I do mean the feeling of being high .. off your passion. It's amazing how quickly things can change and in the last few months, I've learned things that I am grateful to have been taught and have grown friendships beyond the initial point thought. 

While I cannot say what is currently going on, I can hint that you'll be seeing a shift in important categories in my life and it is for the better. In the meantime, I wanted to circle back to my Santa Cruz Islands trip and what I wore while we hiked through the mountains. Obviously wanted to be comfortable so this Valley High tank is the go-to casual top for all occasions. Paired with shorts and my Roshe's, and don't forget those ZeroUV sunnies, I was all set for my 2+ hour hike. 

I'm not much of an excising person; I'm pretty lazy. Before you question what I eat or do to stay "skinny", I'll answer it for you with a simple - fast metabolism. It'll slow down soon and I'll probably regret not working out as much but meh, I'll get to it sometime. I think I'll be picking up yoga soon so we'll see!

Enough rambling, happy Monday! Stay tuned for tomorrow's event recap of our #LxLSpringLunch event, hosted by me and Linhwinn!