Welcome to By Lisa Linh's HQ

Happy Monday! I've teamed up with Lulu & Georgia to finally update and redecorate my place. It's taken me over two years to figure out what layout worked best for my studio, as it's not huge. It also took me forever to find a large enough rug that would draw away attention from the green carpet I have since I can't change it (#rentproblems). Oh best part of this post? You can all get 20% off your purchase with my code "linh20" - woo!

This is just a part of my place as I do have a full kitchen, two closets, "vanity" area, and bathroom.  My place isn't tiny but the layout of it makes it hard to work with especially when I would much rather have a smaller kitchen and more bedroom space! But anyways, each Lulu & Georgia item I got is linked directly under the photo. Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more home decor ideas.

Santana tapestry, neon neutral