Living Alone vs Together

There are a plenty of advantages to living with your significant other, especially the fact that you can save on rent/split costs with them. While I don't disagree with the idea of living together, I personally (right now) am loving my own space. No, I don't hate KSOLE and we do perfectly fine together on weekends and vacations. However, I am not ready to share my space and after 7 years of living with roommates, I am absolutely relieved to be alone!

I've been asked plenty of times, actually all the time why we don't live together. So this is why I'm writing this blog post because people are stuck on this belief that you have to live together when you're in a long-term relationship. Cohabitation is great and I agree that it is beneficial to do so before getting married (IMO), but I believe it's all within reason and it's based on timing. I've had friends who moved in with their boyfriend within months, some lasted, majority didn't. You learn a lot about the other person when you live together. It doesn't matter if you are already around each other 24/7, you will find something out about them that will either irritate, shock, and/or annoy you when living together.

For example, I was kicked out of my place at the age of 18 and temporarily stayed with my best friend at the time. Now we went to the same school, had the same extracurricular activities, same circle of friends, and we both knew each other's families pretty well. I lasted half a week there with her and our friendship ended right after I moved out. This was supposed to be my best friend yet we couldn't stand each other. Your significant other is your best friend too right? Just be careful.

Another reason why moving in isn't always the best idea? Sharing a space is a big commitment. You can't break a lease that easily and if you run short on rent, your landlord doesn't care. You either pay or get evicted - and that's not pretty on your rental history record. I believe being financially stable is the first step to moving in together and until you've both reached that point, I don't suggest committing to it. 

Also if you have a fight or argument, you'll want to get away and release steam right? So where do you go without having to explain to someone what happened? Being able to retreat back to your own place helps immensely in resolving arguments/fights because you can both get time to breathe and calm down. Beats spending money at the bar and worrying about how you're getting home afterwards! By the way, we don't argue or fight often but I know plenty of couples who do and they always complain about having to see the other person while they're still mad. 

Lastly, why I chose to live alone is because I am not ready to take care of someone else. At the age of 27, I am still working towards my goals and am situating myself in my career. I already dread doing the dishes and while I don't mind cleaning every few days, I am not ready to clean up after someone else. I am in no way saying KSOLE is messy, but washing extra dishes and/or doing extra laundry is time consuming and I don't have that extra time yet. Especially when I have 3-5 loads of laundry myself (lol). Plus I'm very OCD about my apartment and hate it when things are moved/touched without my knowledge. It's one of the reasons why I love living alone. I leave and my shit is still in the same place I left it! :) If you've never had roommates (or siblings), you won't get it.

Living with your partner isn't for everyone and it also doesn't have to happen within a specified time limit either. We've been together for over 2 years and are not ready to take that step yet - but that doesn't mean that we're not serious or that we aren't happy with our relationship. People should be a little less judgmental and open-minded when it comes to relationships because what works for you doesn't necessary work for the next person! We're also not saying that it won't happen, it just isn't going to happen right now. 

P.S. These reasons are strictly of our own thinking and doesn't generalize or reflect upon anyone else. I just wanted to answer the hot question that we're always asked (insert peace sign emoji).