Beach Bum in Winter

Yep, we Californians brag a lot about our amazing weather in the winter - mainly because we don't have a winter and I'm ok with that. I have yet to see snow or visit NYC, but after hearing about the horrid storm stories, I think I'm just fine in sunny SoCal right now. I do want to explore, travel the world, and see gorgeous landscapes while experiencing all the seasons some day though! In fact, can someone just pack me in their suitcase and take me with them?

I must admit that we did get some cold and rainy days in the last couple of weeks, but it only makes us appreciate and love the warm "summer" days even more. While festival season is upon us now, so are those beach days. I wish I had more time to enjoy it but atlas, most of my beach time is spent shooting because that is the main purpose of my trip 80% of the time. I really need to learn how to relax!

But anyways, here is another hot bikini from Sugar Bottoms! I love Sugar Bottoms because of their color choices, designs, and the fact that you can customize. I actually fell in love with this piece right off the bat, no changes necessary. I do not have anything this bright in my closet and while I probably would not wear these colors in an outfit, I have no problem wearing to the beach. Besides, swimwear is supposed to be fun and colorful anyways right?

[Details] Sea of Pearls LA cardigan and Sugar Bottoms bikini

P.S. Make sure to check out my Insta for a little clip of me on last night's panel! Thank you again to Bri Seeley and the IWP!