OOTD: Trust the Universe

Everyone's been told at least once in their life to trust your guts. Well, Kerold's "Trust the universe" is the same thing right? Often we doubt our instincts and our own judgments, only to learn the hard way that we were correct from the start. Lesson for today: Follow your instincts. Trust the universe. Trust your guts.

While you're at it, throw on some fringe and shake them hips because it's always fun to see some movement in your style. Snapped by Linh of Linhwinn on a hot afternoon during our event filled day. Speaking of Linh, catch us at Coachella (weekend one) together ;) #LinhxLinh

[Details] Kerold Apparel (c/o Dietch PR), Daniel Wellington watch, ZeroUV sunglasses, Forever 21 shorts and booties, Dainty & Bold gold bar necklace, and Zero Gravity iPhone case (c/o Red Light PR).