Plated: Review & Experience

One of my goals for this year is to cook more and to learn new recipes - got to sharpen up my wifey skills right? Haha, just kidding! With my schedule, going to the market and looking up recipes doesn't always work out. So can you imagine how relieved I was to find out about Plated? Food being delivered to me, that lasts throughout the day because it arrives in a insulated box with 3 blocks of ice to keep everything chilled until you get home after work. I mean, who can say no to this? Now you're probably asking how much this costs, but it honestly depends on what meal you select. There are new meals weekly to choose from and they have vegan choices too! This pork chops meal was $12 per plate and the minimum is 2 plates per order, which is perfect for KSOLE and I :)

Alright so I'm not a cook whatsoever and KSOLE isn't either so we were worried about how difficult the recipe would be. We're still alive so I'd like to think that we did pretty well. It took about 40 minutes to prep and cook but the time spent in the kitchen together was worth it. We both learned a new recipe and new techniques. Plated is certainly a great aide to people who lack skills in the kitchen, like us! In other words, if you want to teach your boyfriend to cook, subscribe him to Plated. You cannot mess up. 

So I live in a studio and don't have great lighting but hey, this meal still looks delicious right? Not bad for 2 amateurs who literally re-read the recipe 3 times (hah). I don't even have to tell you how great this meal was. We both finished our plates, licked it clean and wanted more. I hope this post left you drooling .. now go subscribe to Plated ;) 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Plated, however all opinions are of my own. Photos are by KSOLE and Lisa Linh.