Plated - Beef Pasta & Lettuce Wraps

Beef and pasta, how much better can it get? How about some delicious lettuce wraps as appetizers? For me to rave about lettuce wraps really proves how amazing it was because I hate veggies! All my friends know it and they try so hard to make me eat more vegetables every time we're out but I always refuse. So you can imagine how surprised my best friend was when I sent her a photo of lettuce wraps. 

Plated just gained another star for making me like veggies, better yet crave it. After a long day of shooting at work, KSOLE and I weren't too thrilled that we had to cook versus eating out but Plated made things so easy. Took about 40 minutes to prep, cook, and with KSOLE cleaning up as we go, it wasn't as bad as we expected. 

I'll keep this short so you can go ahead and drool over the food. The beef pasta was amazing, easy to make and I loved the texture of the pasta! The lettuce wraps were crisp, fresh, and while I burnt the shallots a bit, everything else was delicious. Note: be careful with the hot sauce .. if you can't handle spicy. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Plated, however all opinions are of my own. Photos are by KSOLE and Lisa Linh.