OOTD: Money Can't Buy

Roses are red, violets are blue, you can't buy my love, no matter how much you do!

Since Hallmark holidays constitutes spoiling the ones you love in a monetary format, I just wanted to remind you that material things do not make up for quality time, care, and affection. As JLo said, "my love don't cost a thing." I personally cherish handmade cards, handwritten notes, and crafted gifts. I actually have 4 boxes worth of notes, letters, cards of all types and from all occasions dated back to my middle school days. Remember, how much you spend does not equate to how much you truly love someone. Speaking of which, I need to get going on that Valentine's Day card - hah!

Before I rush off, here is an evening look perfect for the club or if you're going to a concert this V-day weekend. This is also the perfect dress for those celebrating single awareness day or anti-Valentine's. Shake what your mamma gave you girl! This is just one of the few dresses I was swooning over at Ever-Pretty and they really do have a ton of selections. It took me awhile to go through it all but if you're need of a dress and are tired of looking at F21, Windsor, and other mainstream places - try Ever-Pretty. There is something for everyone there with a great size range and fast shipping! You're welcome ;) 

[Details] Ever-Pretty dress, Cici Hot heels, Coordinates Collection bracelet, and F21 necklace.