Brush It Off

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate ... I'm not a huge fan of Taylor Swift despite knowing about her since the start of her career and meeting her when she was still singing country songs (years ago), but I must admit that she has a winner with "Shake It Off". The song inspires everyone, has a great message, and is catchy- so good job Taylor.

Unfortunately with the increase of cyber bullying, depression, and deaths by suicide, it can be hard to just shake things off. Kids are consistently being taunted at school and can't even escape it once they get home. Hate isn't just being shared in face-to-face interactions anymore, it is traveling around through text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails. While we can't change this overnight, we can initiate and support those around us with positivity and open arms. Let your loved ones know that they can count on you, be reliable and lend an ear. We get so wrapped up in our schedules that sometimes, we ignore those who need us the most and all they really want is someone to listen. On the other hand, you must also be active and speak up! If you see something, hear something or if you know something is not right, speak up! You never know, you might save someone's life.

I decided to touch upon this subject as I was a victim of bullying when I was younger and know how tough it can be. I just hope that my words help - even if it's just one person. 

Don't let anyone steal your sunshine and remember that they are only hating on you because they aren't you! They're jealous honey so just ignore them <3

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