The Best Hotels of 2015

I spent quite a bit of time traveling once I had quit my job back in April. I earned the right to travel and explore after working for over 10 years (without a real vacation) and it is one of my guilty pleasures. After all, who doesn't like to getaway from reality once in awhile?

KSOLE and I had been blessed this year with weekend getaways and overnight stays at some of the most gorgeous places in and around Los Angeles. But of course, we have our favorites and these are the top 5 hotels we cannot wait to visit again!

1. The Avalon | Catalina Island

I started my 27th birthday with a trip to Catalina Island. It was my first time there and I've actually been back once since then. Our hotel was located a few blocks away from the pier, but had the most gorgeous view I've ever seen. I absolutely loved waking up to this ocean view from our balcony. The room was great, small and cozy but the hospitality was beyond amazing. I felt like a princess and enjoyed the complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel (which is available for all guests staying there). The view is what makes this my top pick because who can say no to that? 

P.S. If you didn't know, Catalina Express offers a free roundtrip to Catalina Island on your birthday so you better take advantage of that! 

2. Fairmont | Newport

If you're looking for space and elegance, check out Fairmont in Newport. I was blown away by the size of our suite and the service is impeccable. The bed was extremely comfortable and I wanted to sleep in all day. Our favorite part of the suite was the bathroom, complete with tub, shower, and vanity area. Total dream! I also loved their breakfast selection and of course I took advantage of the room service. By the way, Laguna Beach is only a 20 minute drive and there are some great places to eat just down the street. 

3. Lakehouse | San Marcos

If you enjoy San Diego, how about San Marcos? Lakehouse Hotel and Resort is a great birthday escape and is why we went there - to celebrate KSOLE's birthday. Waking up by the lake and having the option to enjoy water activities without having to leave the hotel is extremely convenient. I will have to say that we didn't get to do any water sports (because it was too windy), but will definitely try next time. The resort also has a pool and is near some great shopping centers, which we took advantage of. Plus this is the cutest room we've stayed in this year, love the decor! 

4. Hyatt | Palm Springs

From the management to the concierge, the staff here is fun and so welcoming! Palm Springs is always a good idea for all ages, as there's something for everyone out here. It is also up and coming, with a mall currently being built, and a lively night scene. We experienced our first silent DJ party at the Hyatt over the 4th of July weekend, which was interesting. We stayed here twice during the year and absolutely love the rooms, especially the huge balcony. I also love that the room service is fast and fresh, with dishes coming straight from their in-house restaurant. 

5. Loews | Hollywood

Staycations exist and they are needed ever so often. Plus it's a fun way to explore your own city. The Loews is connected to the popular Hollywood and Highland plaza so you'll have something to do. It also has a gorgeous spa that will set the mood for your stay - highly recommended! The wrap around view of the city we got in our suite also blew us away. I couldn't help but feel inspired looking at it! I wish my studio looked like this :(: If you need a local place to stay, I really recommend Loews

P.S. I just launched my YouTube channel so be sure to check it out for food & travel recaps! Here's my recap of Lamill Coffee: