Bebe's Holiday Party


Hair and make-up done by Rachelle Llanes  // Outfit from  // Outfit photos by Rachelle Llanes

Double posting? Yes! I just wanted to throw in a quick recap of Bebe's holiday party last week. It has been a long time since I've worn a gown, actually I don't think I really had a reason to wear one. I wore a short dress to prom and winter formal back in high school, so this was a treat! I felt like a queen and the crown I acquired at the event certainly added onto the glam :) 

It was so fun catching up with blogger babes and the food was delicious (as were the drinks). I was able to get my dearest and talented friend, Rachelle Llanes, to do hair and make-up for this special occasion. You guys have to check her out on Youtube! I've known her for a couple of years now and this girl does work. From make-up to hair to photography, she is a Jane of All Trades herself and I love her! 

Now getting back to the party, it was held in LA and we got to preview their newest collection and I loved everything I saw. Thanks to Felix for the party shots!