Sweetfin Poke


Sweetfin Poke | 829 Broadway Santa Monica, CA
(310) 395-1097

When it comes to poke, I am very picky on the place because I've gotten food poisoning off too many sushi spots before. I will pay for quality and will wait in line, if that means I'm getting something that will leave my tummy happy. 

Sweetfin Poke is located in Santa Monica and is customized to fit any diet. Their entire menu is gluten and diary free (minus the Matcha Pop). While they offer "Signature Bowls" that are basically their most popular bowls, they also encourage you to create and customize a bowl to your liking. The options are endless as I added in edamame, onions, and mango into my salmon bowl - with bamboo rice. Bamboo rice is a short-grain rice that has been milled with bamboo juice and is loaded with essential B vitamins. It was absolutely delicious and super flavorful. 

Along with our bowls, we ordered a bag of taro chips (my favorite) and freshly made lemonade. It was one of the most satisfying meals I've had in awhile and despite getting the smaller bowl, I was extremely full! 

Oh fun fact, the owner of Sweetfin also owns Estrella! Two of my new favorite places to go now ;)