BedStu's Retail Store Opening: Malibu

We're quickly moving into 2016 and I'm still sitting here trying to remember where the heck the time went. It's been a whirlwind since we've got back from Cabo. I'm still on vacation mode, slowly forcing myself back into my normal routine. It's definitely harder to get up in the mornings, especially when you have 3 cats laying on you and a heater on full blast. It also doesn't help that I just returned from a staycation and am currently in San Diego (lol).

Let's go ahead and rewind to the day before I left for Cabo and the BedStu retail store grand opening in Malibu.

Nathan and I have been friends for two years now and has taught me so much during this timeframe. He continues to be my go-to when I need advice, from career to personal, Nathan is great and it is no wonder that BedStu has been growing so quickly. They just opened their retail space in gorgeous Malibu and man, you need to visit this one for yourself. From the decor to the layout of the products, this certainly is one of my favorite stores to look at. Unfortunately, due to conflicting events, I was only able to pop in for a few minutes so I missed all the cool kids like Brody Jenner during the event (lol). 

I am so proud of this major move for BedStu as I've seen them grow in the last two years. One of my favorite companies of all time to work with, their team is amazing, their shoes are super comfy and is the best quality out there, and their marketing moves have been progressive. Congrats BedStu!

[Details] Sloane Rouge sweater (c/o The Avenue West), One Teaspoon shorts (c/o A&F), and Lulu*s booties. KSOLE's watch by 1Face - charity donation towards cancer.