Viviane in Beverly Hills

Viviane (Located in The Avalon Hotel) | 9400 West Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills, 90212
(310) 407-7791

An unexpected surprise when we drove up to the Viviane, as I didn't check ahead of time and didn't know it was inside The Avalon Hotel. However, it was a pleasant surprise as the decor and ambience are impeccable. I always love a good design and Viviane nailed it! Upon walking in, you can't help but notice the romantic lighting and cozy vibe. It was certainly welcoming and the staff was amazingly sweet. 

Naturally, KSOLE and I started off with cocktails. Per recommendations, we ordered the Cosmo and Pineapple Punch - both delicious but I preferred the Cosmo (as I'm a lightweight and felt I tasted the alcohol in the Pineapple Punch too much). Both drinks came out beautifully and totally photo worthy.

Now let's get down to the meal:

  • Yellowfin tuna tartare
  • Hand-ground steak tartare
  • Fuyu persimmon and pomegranate salad
  • Grilled 12OZ Piedmontesse ribeye steak
  • Shellfish boudin blanc, Maine lobster, scallops and gulf shrimp
  • Riesling poached pear
  • Meyer lemon tart

So the concept is simple, each dish is made to share and the larger portions can certainly feed a few people (i.e. steak). The thinking behind the food? Chef Michael Hung wanted to present childhood eats with French techniques and actually dropped out of culinary school to follow his heart, which led him to San Francisco. He joined Traci Des Jardin's James Beard Award-winning team at Jardiniere before leaving to open Faith & Flower. We had the honor of briefly meeting Chef Michael Hung and from the few minutes of interaction, I must say that he is a modest man who really loves what he does and it shows.

We started off with appetizers, the Yellowfin tuna tartare and hand-ground steak tartare. Both dishes were delicious but I favored the fish (because I love seafood). We then had a Fuyu persimmon and pomegranate salad, which was absolutely refreshing and I love persimmon so it was a definite win in my books. 

We were then caught off-guard by the size of the steak, underestimating the size when we ordered. After chowing down on the shellfish boudin blanc that had Maine lobster, scallops and gulf shrimp, KSOLE and I wondered if we could even finish the steak. As juicy as it was, we were full and wanted to save room for dessert so we got half way and took it home. Oh and it came with a side of mash potatoes - so good.

For dessert, we had riesling poached pears and the Meyer lemon tart. Both recommended and I had no regrets on either one. I ended the night with a hot green tea and a happy tummy. It is certainly a place I highly recommend and I have to come back for their brunch and lunch! 

Thank you Viviane for an amazing night!

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