Hanjip | 3829 Main St  Culver City, CA 90232

Not your average Korean BBQ place and no, it's not all you can eat. You actually won't be hungry after your meal at all.

Located in Culver City, Hanjip is another creation of Chris Oh and Stephane Bombet. If you don't recognize these two, let me just hint at what other places you've probably went to that belong to them. How about Seoul Sausage? Yeah, Chris founded that. Escala? He's the managing partner. Chris is also co-owner of Nomad Kitchen too. I'm sure you heard of Terrine and Viviane right? Bombet is the founder of the Bombet Hospitality Group that's behind those two restaurants. 

So what makes Hanjip different from your favorite Koreatown joint? Well let's start with the quality of meat, selections offered, and the decor. It certainly is a hip place with the familiar grills on the tables but without buzzers. The staff is extremely attentive so you don't need a buzzer anyway. 

Ordering is simple, you get the standard sides you normally would get and proceed to select your type of meat. You can order a few plates at a time and the staff assists in the cooking process. We tried most of the menu, but my favorite is the bone marrow with corn and brisket. You can never go wrong with brisket! The marinated pork belly, bulgogi, and skirt steak came second. The grill is also changed often and also changed out depending on the type of meat you order, so that it can be cooked properly. 

Overall we had an amazing time and loved the food, ambience, and service. I cannot wait to go back! I just wish it was closer to SGV!