Underlash x Pop Physique Barre Class


We all know that I can be pretty lazy when it comes to working out, but I won't turn down fun and interactive classes such as Underlash Activewear's barre class the other day. First off, who doesn't like Venice and secondly, who doesn't like cute activewear? I basically wore my workout gear all day because it was so comfortable! 

Taking activewear to the next level with fashionable styles and designs that really compliment your body. I really love the bottoms as they stretched well and didn't squeeze my tummy so it certainly was flattering to have on. 

Underlash Activewear wanted to be a brand that you think of when you want something cute to wear when you go for that run. Underlash's pursuit of fashion reminds me of why I got "into" fashion. I've always dreamt of being a designer when I was little until I saw The Devil Wears Prada, then I wanted to be Miranda Presley. That and I found out that I cannot draw and that's kind of required for being a designer. My love for fashion actually came from my aunt, she loved going shopping and took me and my cousin with her. She would always ask for our opinions whenever she tried things on, had the cutest bags, and introduced me to the high end goods. Of course, she had the money to spend and I didn't so I just daydreamed about all the things I wanted. I actually still daydream about it all ..because I don't want to spend money (hah). 

Luckily, Underlash is giving you a chance to win $500 worth of their products and who doesn't like free clothes? 

Enter below to win $500 worth of Underlash products or just click here! Good luck!