Morning Routine

Happy Thursday! I decided to do a quick morning routine post as I've been asked what I do when I wake up and how I get organized for the day. I debated on doing a video but I'm still waiting for a few pieces to get here to complete my room so until then, this post will do.

So we all know I wake up 6:45AM everyday to publish my posts across my social media channels. My alarm goes off at 6:45AM, I will then post my newest post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Lookbook, Facebook (personal and page), and Twitter. This takes about 15 minutes so once 7AM hits, I attempt to do some interaction on Instagram (returning comments and commenting my favorite grammars). I spend about 30-45 minutes doing this before answering emails.

I typically shower and get ready in-between answering emails, as well as feed my fur babies. Emails get prioritized and the urgent ones get answered first. After clearing out the junk, I'll then make my to-do list for the day. Listing down errands, blog related tasks, meetings, events, and deadlines. 

Oh and I usually will order breakfast through Door Dash before I leave for the day. So after I get organized and as long as I feel satisfied with the things I've accomplished, I then will head out for the day and take on LA. 

So that's my morning Monday to Friday. If you guys have any specified questions about the to-do list, getting organized, or prioritizing - just shoot me an email (