Take Two Steps Back

While I was at an event last week, I decided to get a Tarot card reading. Now, I'm extremely skeptical of psychics and Tarot card readers since I had never had an accurate reading. Okay, well I went to one in college and she was completely off. Since then, I didn't believe in paying for someone to make up things and get me all excited for crap that would never happen. Sorry, I'm pretty realistic when it comes to these things. But back to the story, so the lady that was reading for this event seemed very thorough with everyone else so why not right?

What did she say? Well she first told me to ask the cards a question. Naturally I asked whether I was heading in the right direction with my career. Yeah, I'm career obsessed like that. What she told me were supposed expectations and what should happen. However, I take everything with a grain of salt and interpreted it as this - I'll meet key people in my life that will help me excel and further myself. I will also let go of burdens and those who are holding back. I have friction with something or someone in my life that needs to be settled and I have to allow myself to be OK with things I cannot control. She said I'm a perfectionist, which is true or at least I try to be. I get upset easily if things don't go as planned. It's a flaw I have to really work on but it always helps when someone tells it to you right? So hopefully she was right and I'll become as successful as I aim to be. Check back with me in a year ;) 

Back to reality, oh wait, I'm on a ship right now. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (bylisalinh) for my Cabo cruise adventures! Happy Monday guys!