Making Donuts at ICDC

Baking has never been my thing, but when it comes to sweets, I can't deny trying. I spent the evening with a handful of influencers at ICDC in Beverly Hills. The event was presented by Gilt City as part of the Carrie Underwood curated collection. ICDC, by the way, stands for ice cream, doughnut, coffee and was a concept created by restaurateur Amy Knoll Fraser and Pastry Chef Mariah Swan. 

We started the night off with piping hot coffee, which was needed as it was so cold and windy out. We were placed in the kitchen and given aprons shortly after before getting our hands dirty. Now, I have never attempted to bake before - well unless you count those ready to bake cookies from the market. Even then it wasn't a huge success, hah. So I was extremely happy when my doughnuts came out perfectly! 

Pastry Chef Mariah took us through the entire process, explaining what goes into making doughnuts and how creative we can really be. After cutting out our doughnuts, we got to fry them and decorate them as we please. 

Needless to say, I devoured every doughnut shortly after brining them home. I did share with my boyfriend who loved them as well ;) Thank you so much ICDC and Pivotal PR for having me! It was so much fun!