Build a Bridge and Get Over It

I was given the best advice the other day by a stranger that I had just met. "Do not apologize for the bullshit of others. You have NO control over what other people do. You do have control over what you say and how you react. As women, we always apologize for shit that isn't our fault. Do I ever hear my husband apologize for his friend's actions? No way!" It was the realest shit I've heard in awhile and from a woman that is beyond amazing. 

It's taken me years to notice that I have always apologized on behalf of other's faults. I didn't have control over what they did or said, yet I was always the one taking the blame. Why? For what? It's a damn hard habit to break, especially when you don't realize it.

I'm so grateful that blogging has allowed me to network and really connect with people who truly inspire me. So while I may still "sorry" a lot, I am definitely going to try and just own up to what I'm responsible for and say "screw it" to all other things I have no control over. 

Cue in Justin Bieber's "Sorry" song.

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