The Oaks at Ojai

Ever heard of Ojai? It's next to Santa Barbara and is the place to go when you want to completely relax. Away from the city noise, the hustle and bustle, and that LA smog, Ojai is certainly a serene place with the most gorgeous landscape. I had so much fun exploring the city that I lost track of time and almost missed dinner! 

Ojai is about an hour and a half away from LA, possibly two hours depending on traffic. While check-in for The Oaks was 3PM, KSOLE and I had a few errands to do prior and ended up arriving around 6PM. Apparently we missed orientation for the day and wasn't necessarily informed about the amenities of our stay or an overview of what the place has on-site (sauna/spa, beauty services, gym, classes, dining hall, etc). Instead we were given our keys and showed to our room, passing the pool, and that was that. I was kind of appalled as they had a careless attitude during check-in, but the next morning, another staff member made up for it and gave us the grand tour. Apologizing on behalf of her team members, I was certainly glad that she changed my perspective on the front desk staff. First impressions set the tone of my stay, so I do expect a certain level of service when I check-in. 

Aside from that, KSOLE and I did have a very relaxing stay and discovered a really cute cafe next door that we loved. The vibe, decor, and atmosphere at Noso Vita was chic and warming. I loved it! 

KSOLE and I stayed in one of the private cottages during the weekend, which was cozy and cute. I wish it was a King bed instead of two queens though, lol. I loved the dual sink, jacuzzi tub and the homey feel with the fireplace. The front porch was gorgeous, allowing us privacy and made us feel like we were on a real vacation. 

The one thing to highlight is that The Oaks is not a hotel, but a health and wellness program for those who are seeking to slim down, work out, or work on specified health goals. They analyze and provide a program for you, including classes and meal plans. KSOLE and I actually enjoyed all the food served and if you have any allergies, they are happy to substitute for you. The dining area also hosts lectures/workshops, games, drinks and snacks which are available to you at anytime of the day. 

During our stay, we had lunch and dinner provided but did go out to get our own food. I wasn't up for any of the classes to be honest, but they did look fun! I was able to squeeze in a Vitamin D facial before leaving for the weekend, which was absolutely amazing. I loved it and my skin was certainly refreshed afterwards. 

Overall, we had a great stay and enjoyed the quiet time. It is a great getaway for those who truly want to turn off their devices and just indulge in life of a small town.