Glen Ivy Spa

Is it only Tuesday? I swear this weekend flew by! From Vegas back to LA within 48 hours, I must say that I am a little tired but have to reenergize myself for this 3-day weekend trip to Ojai. While I get some r&r, here's a recap of my trip to Glen Ivy Spa two weekends ago with LinhWinn

Glen Ivy is a very popular destination for many when it comes to bridal parties, birthdays, special occasions, and when you need to just get away from it all. LinhWinn and I were in definite need of a girls day out, which didn't consist of partying or requiring us to get dolled up. Instead, I threw on a Kristinit dress, Dynamic Asia hat, sunnies and some mules and headed to Corona. 

Once we arrived, we were greeted and took on a quick tour of the facility. I immediately noticed how spacious this place really is! After our tour, we were given a private balcony to relax in for the day and ordered drinks while sunbathing. After an hour or so, we grab lunch from the cafe and proceeded to our individual spa services. 

Linh was scheduled for a full body treatment which included a massage and scrub, while I got a facial minus extractions because I'm a big baby and did not want to cry throughout the treatment. Seriously, I have a low tolerance for pain. After an hour, I was fully relaxed and reemerged into the sun after getting a shoulder and arm massage with my facial. I met back up with Linh and we ended up getting in some pool time prior to closing time. 

Overall we had a much needed rest day that was better than I expected. I was actually off my phone for a good amount of time, surprisingly - hah. I certainly need more days like this but until then, thank you Glen Ivy for the amazing hospitality! 

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