Cruise Luncheon with Princess

With just a month left before my Cabo trip, I figure it was about time I let you guys into what cruise line I'll be on and who my amazing travel agent is. To start off, I met Marlene and her husband at Diner Le Blanc a few months ago. We hit it off and stayed in touch. I would never imagine that I would ever be going to Cabo, let alone for the blog! I am extremely excited to be traveling with Affiniti Cruise Travel on the Princess Cruises next month and yes, I will be documenting it all on Snapchat (bylisalinh) and Instagram so make sure you're following me! Also, I will be taking over Affiniti's Instagram during the trip 

Since this is my first cruise ever, I was able to get a tour of one of the Princess ships and experience a delicious luncheon on board with Marlene. Yes, I did bring KSOLE with me and all photo credits go to him - as usual :) 

First off, the ship is huge! I didn't realize that it could fit up to 2,600 people onboard. Secondly, there is plenty to do and I am definitely not worried about getting bored. I am extremely excited to really lay back and relax, although I will be updating my Snapchat and IG throughout the cruise. Other than that, I'll be stuffing my face at the buffet most of the time and getting tanner by the hour. 

Lastly, the luncheon itself was drool worthy and I know I'll be gaining a few pounds during our 5-day cruise. These photos really don't do the ship justice so you really need to go on one yourself. How about Superbowl weekend? Party it up and watch it all on the big screen. Right now, prices are super low so book it before you lose it!

Super Bowl price for new passengers is starting at
$394 per person and the 3rd or 4th passenger added is only $224 per person.
(Subject to availability at the time of booking)
Super Bowl Weekend Feb 5 to Feb 9, 2016
West Coast Getaway from Los Angeles Round Trip
Affiniti Cruise Travel is giving a gift of $50 onboard credit.
Past Guest discounts and additional onboard credits may apply.
Past or present military receives an extra onboard credit of $50.

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