Allergic To


This week couldn't have gone by any slower. Cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow morning! These long nights of studying is really wearing me out, but I know that it'll all pay off. Just have to keep on pushin'.

Since the start of school, my life has been chaotic. Adjusting to classes, assignments, quizzes, exams and all the readings has been tough. Working full-time, blogging part-time while still scheduling in photo shoots and doing some freelance consulting work on the side .. and still maintaining a decent social life has been insane. I am so glad that one of my courses is going to end soon (4 weeks to go!). After that, I'll have only one to focus on until the end of the year. But enough about my schedule, let's talk about how truthful this sweater.

By now you know how much of a potty mouth I have and how much I adore statement clothing. This "Allergic to Bullshit" sweater by Entree is going to be a staple piece and my go-to when it's chilly outside. After all, who has time to deal with bullshit? I definitely do not! At the age of 26, I've filtered out so many fake friends and people who were just dead weight and I am so glad to have just a handful of people that I can trust. I don't need a huge social circle to be happy (nor do I need drama). 

So it may be hard to believe, but I really do dress like this most of the week. I'm allowed to wear whatever at work, as long as it's not showing too much skin. Since I'm often half-asleep when I get into the office, I usually grab joggers/jeggings/leggings or jeans and throw on any top and comfortable shoes. I dress up more on the weekends, when I have time to actually put more thought behind my outfit. 

The bottoms for this look are from AMI Clubwear. Love the stretch and texture of the pants. The boots are covering it, but there are zipper details at the bottom of the jeggings. The top is from The Hola Lola Boutique and has metallic stars at the faux pocket area. 

With fall here, combat boots are back in style and I love it! These beat up pairs were from G-Stage, got them a few years ago but still love them. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm going to make sure to catch up some sleep! 

[Details] Entree LS "Allergic to Bullshit" sweater (c/o), AMI Clubwear jeggings (c/o), Pangea bracelet (c/o), The Hola Lola Boutique crop top (c/o) and G-Stage boots.