OOTD: Road Closed

I love opportunities where we get to break the rules and get a good photo out of it. Of course, we do it in the least suspicious way. Rule #1 - never get caught ;)

We drove past a construction site and took advantage of the fact that it was not fenced in. Literally parked, hopped out of the car and started roaming. I love how these shots came out and I will have to admit that this look was inspired by Miley Cyrus. 

Surprisingly, this is my first pair of basketball shorts. By this I mean that this is literally my own and I didn't steal it from my boyfriend this time. I love basketball shorts because they're so comfortable and I can run errands in them without a care in the world. These are from Petals and Peacocks and I like that there's a bold design on the front of the shorts. Note: I do not smoke (if you're wondering). However, I think the design works well with the general population and I have gotten several compliments about it. My only complaint is that it does not have pockets :(

The crop top is from Sixx Appeal, which I've briefly mentioned before on the blog here. This originally was a crop top with sleeves. Due to the tight fit, I trimmed off the sleeves because I didn't want to sweat through the shirt. TMI, I know. However, I like how this looks much better!

Just as Miley did in her look here, I also added a leather jacket and heels. This vegan leather jacket is from Willow & Clay and has a suede inside which feels amazing. Although in this heat, I died. I love the soft feel of the jacket and will be using it throughout the year so be on the look out for it in future posts. 

[Details] Petals and Peacocks basketball shorts (c/o), Sixx Appeal top (c/o), Willow & Clay leather jacket(c/o), ZeroUV sunglasses (c/o) and Foreign Exchange heels.