Friday Night with Chef Morimoto

The LA Food and Wine Festival was held in Downtown LA last weekend with an impressive list of chefs, restaurants and foodies such as myself and KSOLE. We were excited to participate, trying new food and drinks while having the honor of meeting Chef Morimoto. I'm a Food Network fan and enjoy watching the Iron Chef so it was a must on my to-do list that night to snap a photo with the famous chef :) 

KSOLE and I did not know what to expect upon arriving and were overwhelmed by the variety of selections. We started with a few wine tastings before diving into the food. Lines weren't too bad with the exception of EggSlut, which was serving ramen. We skipped that line but totally regretted it later on once we saw the Instagram photos of the dish! However, I will have to say that we did try some fantastic Asian infused items and KSOLE was brave enough to venture a little further than me with escargot and sea urchin. 

It was a great event to bring food lovers together and everyone was well-dressed, friendly and just as enthusiastic as we were! Had a chance to try Nellcote wines, which I adored. One of my favorite dishes from that night was by Nobu, in which they created baby corn elotes. It was the cutest dish and I'm a huge fan of elote so this was a default favorite. For creativity, I bow down to the chef that created a roasted pig out of cake. Freaking amazing! The only comment I have about eating the slice was that the cake was heavy and the slices should have been smaller. I couldn't finish mine at all and felt terrible wasting it. 

For an event like this, I wore my Roperito Boutique maxi dress. I love the two slits and the color! I got a ton of compliments about the dress and felt famous for 5 minutes as a wine company and Stella Artois asked me to pose with their drinks ;) I kept the jewelry simple with this adorable kitty necklace from Gypsy Rock Jewelry. Gypsy Rock is actually owned by my gorgeous friend Kasey, and yes she makes all these items herself! So make sure you check her out!

Of course I had my Daniel Wellington watch on me and my Gigi New York wristlet. It is the perfect wallet and holds my iPhone! By the way, isn't my case cute? Arm The Animals is a charitable clothing company and I'll be going into them more in the next few posts but for now, read about them here.

I have a couple more posts about the LAFW as we attended all 3 days (Friday to Sunday) so stay tuned!

[Details] Roperito Boutique dress, Daniel Wellington watch, Coordinates Collection bracelet, Gypsy Rock Jewelry, Gigi New York wristlet and Arm The Animals iPhone case

*All items were gifted by their respective brands