I Am Very Busy

Despite my size, I love food and I love to eat. My boyfriend was trying to get me to put down these Piggy Fries (from Oinkster) and I denied :) As you can see, I'm the happiest when I eat. 

I also thought the food was suitable with the look, after all "I am very busy" as you can see. 

I kind of felt like a ninja with this outfit, all black and form fitted. The jeans I'm wearing are from DSTLD. I recently had a fitting at their event and fell in love with the way it felt. Not to mention my bum looks great in it - haha. Oh and if you're wondering, I'm wearing a wristband and was too lazy to take it off for the photos. It looks great with the outfit though doesn't it? Unfortunately that's my daily accessory for my carpel tunnel :(

To add some color to the look, I added on this gorgeous Gorjana Griffin Tori Ring Set. I love the design and that it can be worn together or by itself. Paired with Shop Charade's Spiked Bracelet and Isadora studded belt, you're ready for a night out. Or in my case, a night in with some delicious food! 

Now let me finish my food. Have a great Monday!

[Details] Style Lately top, Isadora studded belt, DSTLD jeans, Shop Charade bracelet and Gorjana Griffin ring set. 

*All items worn were gifted by their brands respectively.