OOTD: Put In Werk

As many of you know, I do work full-time. A standard eight hours each day and forty hours every week. With that being said, the number one question I am always asked is "how much sleep do you get?" As impossible as it may sound, I get at least 6-7 hours each night. Sometimes even 8, if I don't stay out too late. 

My schedule usually consists of my normal eight hours at work, an event or social gathering after work and coming home to edit photos or write a blog post before I knock out. Some how I manage to squeeze in outfit photos (perks of having a photographer boyfriend) between work and socializing. If I do not have time during the week, I will shoot a few looks over the weekend. The trick is to always have at least a week's worth of post ahead of time, which saves my ass for times like this. 

The doctor recently diagnosed me with carpel tunnel in both wrists. With the medication and upcoming physical therapy sessions, I also have to take take time off work. Being financially independent, in which I rely heavily on my paychecks to get by, this sucks big time. I have found ways around doing my photo shoots and blogging, especially since it doesn't require me to use my wrist for long periods of time. Plus my photo shoots never last more than an hour :) My friends are telling me that I work too hard and that I need this break, but I disagree. I guess I'm just a "werkaholik" hence why I'm in love with this Qtee tank top! Best part? You can customize the their tops to your own liking! 

With the deep side slits, I threw on Lush Boulevard's bikini and used it as a bralette. I love the strappy details! To complete the look, I added these edgy and unique jewelry pieces. I love the handcuff from Haute Betts, talk about the next hot thing! 

To accompany the handcuff is this gorgeous nail ring by Shop Charade. Oh and this bullet necklace was handmade by MD13 Jewelry. Isn't it beautiful?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day. Remember to relax, take time to enjoy life and be happy! Now time to rest my wrists! :)

[Details] Qtee "Werkaholik" tank top (c/o), AMI Clubwear heels (c/o), MD13 necklace (c/o), Shop Charade ring (c/o), Lush Boulevard bikini (c/o), G-Stage shorts and Haute Betts handcuff (c/o).

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