Color In The Bedroom

Searching for a comfortable set of intimates? Look no further!

Don't mind the above photo, I get hungry during photo shoots :) However, don't you just love the colors of this kimono from Delacy? The photo doesn't do justice in capturing how beautiful these colors are in real life! I love the lightweight feel and the vibrancy of this piece. One of my favorites by far. 

Now, if you remember my Triangl swimwear post a few weeks ago, you'll notice the bright and colorful items that Triangl produces. Naturally, their underwear line would have the same pop. You may also remember that I work within the intimates apparel industry so I do pay attention to details with undergarments. However, I am not biased and everything written here is solely based on my own personal opinion. 

Let's begin with packaging! Triangl is known for their gorgeous presentation upon delivery, in which my set came in a beautiful black box (pictured above). I love the amount of effort and care companies put behind their packaging. I already get excited when I receive packages, but opening it up and having it displayed well is a plus.

So the set I selected is the Isabel in tangerine, which is a great color for this summer. It was a tough choice between the tangerine and spearmint, but I figured the tangerine would look best with my skin tone. Although, I've gotten a good tan over the last few weeks due to beach trips. 

So as you can tell from the photos, there is no underwire support or padding, similar to their swimwear. The set is made of micro mesh, is semi sheer, has soft cups and adjustable bra straps. There is a standard hook and eye back closure on the bra. The band itself is stretchy and probably made of elastic, so you won't feel any pressure under your boobs. A very comfortable fit, although with the lack of support I would not wear this out/underneath my shirts. 

The hipster briefs has a double layer of breathable mesh coverage. I love the bold black against the tangerine. Very visually appealing. Really wish they sold the undies separately, as I would totally stock up on them in all the available colors.

Since the set is such a delicate piece, a cold hand wash is highly recommended. This can be a pain in the butt for those who don't have the time to hand wash (like me), but considering the price point ($40), I guess it makes sense. 

I really love the design and feel of this bra set. It's comfortable, playful and fitting. I ordered a XS bra and a small bottoms, however I would've been better off with a medium as the small is a little tight for my booty.

Their size chart is below for your reference (click for larger view):

Now that shiny piece of jewelry around my neck is from The Glitter Vault, an online jewelry boutique that offers fashion-forward designs. From colorful necklaces, bracelets and rings to classy and divine pieces like this Rhinestone Gold Statement Necklace. This piece certainly can dress up any outfit you have and is 18" in length. 

Triangl Underwear certainly has changed the idea of how your intimates should feel against your skin. By far the softest fabrication I've ever worn. I absolutely love my Isabel set from them and recommend every woman to get at least one set for themselves. You will not regret it ;)

[Details] Triangl Underwear Isabel Tangerine Set (c/o), Delacy Kimono (c/o) and The Glitter Vault  Rhinestone Gold Statement Necklace (c/o).