I Have An Addiction

Everyone has that one thing they're addicted to right? Mine are shoes. I have about 20-25 pairs of shoes and the collection continues to grow. Granted the majority of the pairs are black, but every girl needs a good pair of black heels right? Well, maybe not 10 pairs but still! :) 

With this dark look, I had to change up the iPhone case to match! Love this black and gold polka dot one from Clique Boutique

As rare as cloudy days are in Los Angeles, the days that do have very little sunlight calls for a beanie. This beanie explains my current hair situation and how rushed my mornings can get. I didn't get a chance to brush or style my hair so on goes this "Bad Hair Day" beanie from Love Tokki

With the shirt and beanie, I decided to opt for high waisted black skinny pants from Hot Miami Styles and fierce heels from AMI Clubwear. This outfit is perfect for bar hopping in Weho or DTLA with your girls. 

[Details] ILY Couture "Shoe Addict" t-shirt and "L" necklace (c/o), Love Tokki "Bad Hair Day" beanie (c/o), Hot Miami Styles high waisted black pants (c/o), AMI Clubwear heels (c/o) and Clique Boutique iPhone case (c/o).