Swimming In The Deep Blue

The bikini, wait let me rephrase that, the perfect little bikini made of neoprene. I'm sure most of you have heard and seen Triangl swimwear by now, but if you have not let me introduce you to your new summer uniform.  

To be honest, I was skeptical about wearing Triangl since there is no padding or push-up option. I'm self conscious about my lack of boobage so I prefer some support up there. However, this swimsuit is too cute not to wear so I threw it on, drove to Malibu and pranced around the beach in my Chloe Neoprene bikini in Malibu blue ;)

So I've been asked numerous times about the fit, as not many people have worn neoprene before. I ordered a XS top and my bottoms are a size medium as my hips are a bit wide. To give you a better visual, I'm a 30A with a 25" waist and about 30-32" around the hips. 

Now the bottoms are a firm fit, hugging you like a glove. There is little stretch resistance and it is recommended to stick to your normal sizing when ordering. As for the top, it is dependent on how much coverage you want (this only applies to the strapped bikini sets). The bandeau top has boning on the front and sides for support and clasp fastening on the back. For this top, since it is true to size, it is suggested to order your normal size. 

Below are their size chart and a quick description on how to care for your neoprene bikini:

After rolling in the sand and jumping around in my Triangl bikini, I will say that it is extremely comfortable and I love how it hugs your body! There is a slight downside, in that if it's freezing outside, everyone else around you might be able to tell how cold you are ladies. Remember, no padding! Other than that I love Triangl and their customer service is amazing! It's worth the money and you will not regret it. Enjoy!

[Details] Triangl swimwear (c/o) and ZeroUV sunnies (c/o)