OOTD: Summertime Sadness

Remember when you were a child and playing outside was the highlight of your day? Now people are zooming through town, trying to get through their day so they can get back home in time for their favorite shows. You can't blame TV or the Internet for the lack of physical play amongst the younger generation. Nope, I blame lazy parents who rather stick an iPad in front of their kid while they finish the chores or cook dinner. If we spent less time in front of screen and more time with people we love, life would be easier. When was the last time you went out and explored? I challenge you to go outside this weekend with friends or family and enjoy the gorgeous weather (especially if you're in LA)! 

I was able to spend some time outdoors this past weekend, climbing trees in inappropriate attire (hah). This SWELL printed tribal mini dress was a great outfit for a hot, 90-degree day in LA. I love the prints of this vibrant dress and as previously mentioned, I absolutely cannot get enough of these easy to wear, loose fitted dresses. It's perfect for summer and I will be wearing this often. Next time, with my swimsuit underneath as I am dying to hit the beach! 

With the print of the dress, I wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum. The solution? A beautiful handmade crystal necklace from Twisted Faith Jewelry. The photo below does not do the piece justice, it is much more gorgeous in person! Make sure to follow Twisted Faith Jewelry for their latest designs and styles, all handcrafted! 

To keep with the simplicity of the outfit, I wore my favorite Sam Edelman sandals. This outfit is great for a day date, beach trips, lunch with friends and a walk in the park! :)

P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

[Details] SWELL Printed Tribal Mini Dress (c/o), Sam Edelman sandals (c/o LAZR Trade Show), and Twisted Faith Jewelry crystal necklace.