OOTD: Print and Slits

Maxi skirts and dresses have been sneaking into my closet lately, which is surprising as I am not one to really like them. Why? Well, despite being 5'4", any dress and skirt of "maxi" length drags on the floor whenever I wear them and since I am not one to wear wedges either, the look just never suited me. That is, until I was gifted this black maxi skirt with slits that make people look back twice. Yes, the slits are rather high and may be too revealing for some, but I love pieces that stand out and this little number definitely makes me stand out. The tribal detailing on the side and the high waist makes me swoon. Not to mention the elastic band on the waistline, now I can eat all I want and not have to worry!

The skirt is a little long on me and if I wear flats, it will certainly drag on the floor and I will trip on myself (which I have done a few times before). However, paired with these cut out booties, it is the perfect length for me to run around town and never have to worry about it. The only downside is that it is black and black attracts lint, or shall I say cat hair - meow! Just to be sure to have a lint roller on you at all times. 

As for the crop top, it was a Christmas gift from my sister and I love the length of it. Not too short and the length of the sleeves makes it easy to wear with any day or night outfit.  The bracelets and necklace are from F21.

Oh and props to the boyfriend for catching this hair action. All I can think of is "I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth" - ha. 

StyleLisa LinhOOTD, Forever 21