Our 2 Year Anniversary

Today is our 2 year anniversary and I am happy to say that we have not had the urge to want to strangle one another - yet :) Just kidding (I think). 

To celebrate our relationship I wanted to have someone capture some moments of us at the place where we became official, Disneyland! We have shot with two other photographers before, in which we've received comments about how hard we are to shoot because we aren't really the cutesy type. Despite being photographers, we are still very camera shy when it comes to being in front of the lens together. We're perfectly fine solo - hah. 

I contemplated on who I wanted to shoot us because it had to be someone we are both comfortable with and someone who is goad with candid shots. I immediately thought of Rachelle and as expected, she did not disappoint at all. Both of us love these shots and it only took 30 minutes to get them! Best of all is that we weren't posing. She was able to capture all these candid moments in such an amazing way. Thank you so much Rachelle for capturing this milestone moment for us! We love you! 

I would write a lengthy paragraph about how much KSOLE means to me but I think I would just bore many of you. Plus I already wrote him a 4 page letter (lol) and yes, I thought about Aaliyah's song when I wrote it. But I will say this much - without his support, his creative eye and our shared interests/passions, By Lisa Linh would be just another fashion blog. Without him, I would not be able to provide you with visual aesthetics such as these editorial inspired shots and look books. We literally scout locations, plan, and prep for the looks we shoot for By Lisa Linh. We strive to be as creative and entertaining as possible and we thank you for all the support and love you provide us! 

Happy 2 years KSOLE - I love you.