Watermelon Sundae

Life ain't sweet, Saturday through Monday
But in the summer time you my Watermelon Sundae

My latest obsession? WTRMLN WTR (watermelon water)! I love watermelon so naturally I was excited to try this out. The package arrived in a cooler and I was gifted a few bottles to try out.

First off, I love that they gave me a mini cooler because it shows that they really care about their product and customers. A lot of companies will have the "keep cold" on the label but upon delivery, the product itself may not be cold anymore. Secondly, I love the shape of the bottle. It fits perfectly in my hands and bag. Plus I recycled them as vases for my flowers :) 

So let's get technical and go over the beenfits of WTRMLN WTR:

  • Excellent source of immune supportive vitamin C
  • No water added
  • has the same sugar as coconut water (12g) and less than orange juice (22g)
  • Almost double the potassium of a single banana (422mg)

Lastly, I love love love the taste! It is pure juice and truly flavorful. I actually ended up gulping down all five bottles in less than 3 days *whoops! That's how obsessed I am. Best part? They have a subscription option to keep you replenished! 

*This post was sponsored by WTRMLN WTR. All photos were taken by Lisa Linh. 

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