OOTD: Fool's Gold

All that glitter and all that gold
Won’t buy you happy
When you’ve been bought and sold
Riding white horses, you can’t control
With all your glitter
And all of your gold
Take care of your soul

Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter and Gold

This song by Rebecca Ferguson speaks volumes to me, especially after nearly losing someone that means the most to me. Sometimes in life, you get so caught up in doing the things that you love that you forget about the people you love. Balancing can get tough and being a workaholic, it can be hard to get sidetracked. I have taken a step back, reevaluated and restructured things. I have to admit that I have been so focused on this blog but for what? Sure, being featured in a magazine is amazing, having a good amount of Instagram followers is great and the collaborations are fun but at the end of the day, this is not my main source of income. I've never been materialistic but free clothes, shoes and bags can really turn you into someone you are not. I didn't notice but every where we went, we had to shoot for the blog - even on vacations. I wasn't having fun, I wasn't relaxing but working consistently which can take a huge toll on your mood and attitude. I am sincerely thankful that I was able to catch myself and if it wasn't for my best friends and boyfriend, I would've lost the people that mean the most to me. So the point of this rant? If it makes you happy, make it your priority - and by that I mean people not things.

Okay now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's talk about this glittery gold number from Charlotte Russe. I love the fit and form of this dress! This is a head-turning piece, perfect for date night or a formal/school dance. 

Notice anything different? My make-up was done for this shoot by my talented and gorgeous friend, Rachelle. She was also my photographer for the day and this is just the beginning of our collaboration. Rachelle is my favorite make-up artist and now she's a designated photographer for By Lisa Linh. Working with her has been amazing as I love seeing her concepts come to life. Having different perspectives expands your horizons and we had so much fun together. I love how these shots came out and just wait for the next set! It is amazing, but I wouldn't expect anything less from her. 

Thank you Rachelle! Make sure to follow her on Instagram and check our her portfolio here.

[Details] Charlotte Russe dress, ZeroUV sunglasses, Elliott Lucca heels and Daniel Wellington watch.