"Allergic to dairy and bullshit."

Known for her hustle and heart, Lisa Linh, is a business savvy boss babe with over 10 years of corporate experience. Lisa grew up in Long Beach with a love for creative writing. She was on the high school newspaper and yearbook team, and often submitted her poetry into writing competitions. Writing is Lisa's first love and once she gets going, it's hard for her to stop. She once turned in a 10-page short story in 10th grade to her creative writing teacher, but the assignment only asked for 3-4 pages - max.

Alongside writing, she also has a special place in her heart for fashion and traveling. While Lisa loves to occasionally dress up, she can be often seen in cozy chic attire that is suitable for a girl on the go like her. 

By Lisa Linh was started in 2014 and is a lifestyle and travel blog dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and encouraging readers to follow their dreams. Lisa stands out from the crowd by putting an editorial spin on lifestyle imagery and opening up communication on her socials regarding sensitive and diverse topics. She writes from experience and from the heart, creating a positive atmosphere for her readers.

Along with being a full-time content creator,  she is also a freelance social media consultant, photographer, and FRIENDS enthusiast.