One of the most asked questions I get is, “how can I work with hotels too?

To help answer this, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite hotels to provide advice and tips on how a blogger can land a complimentary stay.



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My path to where I am today was never linear; I had no idea what I wanted to do and I dipped in and out of industries left and right, trying to figure myself out. My road was filled with potholes, dead ends, twist and turns. I stalled, I broke down, I required a lot of maintenance and even today, I still have times where I need to pull over and readjust myself — but guess what? That’s OK.

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Photography is not a trend, it’s a passion.

I’ve been a photographer for over 5 years and while it’s not my main focus, I’ve had the pleasure to utilize this passion in multiple projects with some amazing brands.

Specializing in still photography and stop-motion animations, my goal is to never just shoot a subject but to tell the story — and if there isn’t a story prior to shooting, there will be one afterwards as I have a great imagination ;)

While photography projects are accepted based on availability, I do take on at least 2 clients per quarter (after ensuring the fit is beneficial for both sides).

For more information or to inquire about rates/availability, please email me at

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