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Who shoots your photos?

My photographer boyfriend ;) Lucky me to have snagged a pro! Follow him on Instagram @KSOLE_


What camera do you guys use?

We use a Nikon D800, Sony A6000, and my iPhone 6+


What do you use to edit your photos?

Adobe Lightroom and VSCO (for iPhone edits)


How often do you shoot?

2-3 times a week depending on our schedule


How long have you been blogging?

By Lisa Linh was started on January 19th of 2014


Where can I learn more about blogging?

Click here for my Q&A series regarding blogging


How long have you've been a photographer?

I've been shooting professionally for about 2 years


What job positions have you had?

I've worked as a sales person, marketing and public relations coordinator, data entry processor, buyer/purchasing agent, customer service, manager, and stylist


How tall are you?



Can I email you for advice/questions regarding blogging?

Absolutely! Send me an email at info@bylisalinh.com